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“Justice Brown has all the qualities Texans expect of a judge. He is fair, he works hard, he is dedicated to the Constitution, he is a patriot. We are the beneficiaries of his strong devotion to the rule of law.”


Wallace B. Jefferson
Former Chief Justice Texas Supreme Court


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“Harvey Brown is an outstanding jurist and an impressive person. We served together as trial judges on the Harris County District Court bench, I was honored to swear him in as Justice on the First Court of Appeals, and I was impressed when reading his opinions during my service on the Texas Supreme Court. Justice Brown’s values, protection of constitutional rights, belief in the rule of law, extensive legal experience, and common sense are but some of the reasons why I wholeheartedly endorse him for reelection.”


Dale Wainwright
Former Justice Texas Supreme Court
Former District Court Judge


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“In the courthouse, Justice Harvey Brown is known as a legal scholar with a strong work ethic. At home, he is a deeply devoted spouse and father. And in the community, he is an active volunteer. Harvey Brown exemplifies the very best in our judiciary and deserves our strong support.”


Harriet O’Neill
Former Justice Texas Supreme Court


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“I have had the privilege of being before Judge Brown as a district judge on numerous matters and having tried cases across the country he may be the finest judge I have been before– smart, courteous, efficient and, most importantly, scrupulously fair.”


Tommy Fibich
Trial Lawyer


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“Justice Brown is a fine judge and a fine person. He is one of the most admired and respected judges in Texas because he exemplifies integrity and because he knows the law and applies it fairly.”


Lynne Liberato
Appellate Attorney
Former State Bar President


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“I have known Justice Harvey Brown since 1996. I know him to be a person of outstanding character and great integrity. Justice Brown is also a brilliant jurist with impeccable credentials. He is indeed learned in the law and is a justice we can trust to apply the law as it is written.”


David Medina
Former Justice Texas Supreme Court
Former District Court Judge


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“Intelligence. Integrity. Impartiality. Justice Harvey Brown exemplifies these and all the other traits inherent in an outstanding jurist.”


Tom Phillips
Former Chief Justice Texas Supreme Court


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“As a former partner of Justice Harvey Brown’s and a former justice on the court of appeals, I know the person and the office. The office requires a person who is humble, patient, fair, and measured in his actions; a person who will not legislate from the bench, but who will follow the law as written. Justice Harvey Brown is the man for this office.”


Wanda Fowler
Former Justice Houston 14th Court of Appeals


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“I have known Harvey Brown for 30 years as a bright and hard-working attorney, trial judge, appellate advocate, and now appellate justice. Few officeholders in any branch of Texas government can match his record for scholarship, patience, and wisdom. There are some who hold judicial office for prestige, power, or politics; I support Harvey Brown because he will simply do the work with excellence.”


Scott Brister
Former Justice Texas Supreme Court
Former District Court Judge


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“I support Justice Harvey Brown because he is a man of integrity, wisdom and discernment with strong family values. He did an outstanding job in his past role as Chair of the KSBJ Board of Directors and currently is serving with distinction in the Past Chair role. Our Court of Appeals is blessed to have a leader of his caliber.”


Glenn Gilchrist
KSBJ Board Chairman


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“Justice Harvey Brown’s experience and judicial record make him uniquely qualified to serve as a court of appeals justice. As a practicing lawyer, he quickly rose to the top of our profession. And as a trial judge and appellate judge, Justice Brown has proven himself to be the best of the best.”


Randy Sorrels
President-elect of the State Bar of Texas


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“Harvey Brown brings to the appellate bench integrity, honor, and a work ethic that have made him a successful lawyer, extraordinary trial judge and devoted husband and father. His work ethic and sense of justice make him a role model for young lawyers.”


Dick Tate
Former President Fort Bend County Bar Association



Individuals Endorsing Justice Brown in 2018
Barry Abrams
Benny Agosto
Brock Akers
Alexandra Albright
Joseph Alexander
Muhammad Aziz
Chip Babcock
Jana Fay Bacarisse
Sharon and Buck Ballas
Jessica & Darrell Barger
Stephen Barrick
David Beck
Brent Benoit
Susan Bickley
Bob and Vicki Birenbaum
Ileana Blanco
Maria Boyce
David and Mindy Bradley
Linda Broocks
LaRanda Burke
Joseph Callier
Elaine Carlson
Winn Carter
Michael Cenatiempo
Alex Chae
Howard Close
Grant Cohen
Joseph Cohen
Murry Cohen
Terry and Sandy Cohen
Greg Cokinos
Madeline Collier
Jim Cooper
Nina Cortrell
Alex Cosculluela
Mark Cotham
Christina Crozier
Melissa Davis
Alistair Dawson
Julia Dean
Oscar De la Rosa
Brannon Dillard
Steve Dillard
Hon. Dan Downey
Kevin Dubose
Charles Eskridge
Bob Ethington
Eric Farrar
David Finck
Barry Flynn
Jared Flynn
Murry Fogler
Lucy Forbes
Alexis Foster
Hon. Wanda Fowler
Mary Frazier
Claudia Frost
Scott Funk
Garrett Gibson
Laura Gibson
Paul Gold
Sean Gorman
Andi Gulley
David Gunn
Fred Hagans
William Hagans
Clifton Hall
Hartley Hampton
Rusty Hardin
Lauren Harris
Warren Harris
Amy Hawk
Linda Headley
Dara Hegar
Hon. Glenn Hegar
Dennis Herlong
Harry Herzog
Boris Hidalgo
Allyson Ho
Lisa Hobbs
Trace Howard
Hon. Rebeca Huddle
Molly Griffin Hust
Bruce Hurley
Marie Jamison
Dale Jefferson
Hon. Dwight Jefferson
Hon. Wallace Jefferson
Blake Jenkins
Brian Johnson
Kevin and Marcel Jordan
Betsy Kamin
Richard Kaplan
Sarah Kerrigan
Alex Klein
Layne Kruse
John Landa
Mark and Becky Lanier
Bobby Lapin
Jordan LaRaia
Jeff Lefkowitz
Alan Levin
Carol Lewis
Lynne Liberato
Scott Link
Jose Lopez
George Lugrin
Kristin Lotz
Wesley Lotz
Andy Love
Karen and Mitch Lukin
Bob Mace
Ashish Mahendru
Stephanie Maher
William Maines
Jim Marrow
Brian Martin
Chris Martin
Eric Mayer
Sara McBrearty
Don McFall
Andrew McKinney
J. Ferguson McNiel
Justice Medina
Leonard Meyer
Richard Mithoff
Hon. Jim Moseley
Cynthia Moulton
James Munisteri
Steven Moll
Marvin Nathan
Eric Nichols
Hon. Joe Nixon
Hon. Bruce Oakley
Chris Pappas
Meredith Parenti
Thomas W. Paterson
Tracy Penn
William Peterson
Connie Pfeiffer
Karlene Poll
Christina Ponig
Russell Post
Jeff Potts
Sara McPherson Prasatik
Gary Rachlin
Alan Ratliff
Shawn Raymond
Barrett Reasoner
Chris Reynolds
Elizabeth Rivers
Joe Roden
Mike Rogers
Hon. Reece Rondon
Kathleen Rose
Marcy Rothman
Frank Rynd
Bob Schick
Bob Scott
Katherine Seiler
Reagan Simpson
Brad Snead
Ron Sommers
Hon. Ruby Sondock
Hon. Susan Sousson
Nicole Sousson
Craig Smyser
Cyndi Stewart
Aaron Street
Harry Susman
Steve Susman
Andy Taylor
David Taylor
Earl Touchstone
Andy Vickery
Gregg Weinberg
Elaine Welcome
Ben Westcott
Adam Wilhite
Allyson Wilkinson
Lynne Williams
Sylvia Wolff
William A. Worthington
Tom Wright
Forrest Wynne
Marie Yeates
Evan Young
Shira Yoshor
John Zavitsanos
Mark Zeidman
Brian Zimmerman
Alvin Zimmerman
(Partial listing)

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